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Delivering Medical Supply Chain opportunities by…

Optimizing your team’s core competencies

Your organization was developed with a vision. That vision was developed by identifying and utilizing your team’s strengths and core competencies. These competencies help your organization identify the appropriate opportunities.  Identifying and clearly defining those opportunities can take time and resources.

Partnering with the right resources

In many instances, your organization’s competencies can be enhanced or supplemented to expand those opportunities. There are other organizations out there with competencies that complement and/or enhance your own.  Partnering can broaden the spectrum of opportunities, thus expanding the potential for increased revenue and margin.

Developing procurement strategies with trusted suppliers

Supplier relationships are developed over time and are critical when establishing competitive pricing on products and services. Pricing intiatives require the knowledge of current market pricing and sourcing expertise. In addition, sourcing expertise requires a database of resources to include accurate cross-referencing tools and access to multiple supplier catalogs.

Offering services & solutions that maximize the potential for growth

Black Horse Strategies offers the following:

DAPA Management…outsource these activities so that your organization can focus on its core competencies

Product Sourcing…utilize our extensive database of over 3,000 items (NSN to manufacturer cross-reference) to include medical-surgical, tactical-medical, pharmacy as well as maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and equipment.

Pricing/Contracts Management…enhance revenue and margin by getting best price through our extensive relationships with suppliers

Solicitation/ Opportunity Monitoring…identify, track and respond to right opportunities, ones best fit your organization and your strategic partnerships.  


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